[MPA] Extracting Audio From MPEG Movie?

Thubten Kunga Kunga at FutureMedia.org
Fri Mar 7 23:01:18 PST 2003

Thanks Filipe,
It says MPEG1 Muxe...
Now I'll try your solution application if I can figure it out without 
any documentation. Oh there's a small read me file. Very complicated — 
NOT.  Ran the mpgtxwrap app from September aafter installing the 
package. How this miracle of UNIX programming can accomplish all this 
in a 161 K download is astonishing. Apple ought to have those kinds of 
UNIX programmers rewriting iMovie all over again from scratch.

OK. I have an mp3 file thanks to you Filipe. I installed the package 
and ran the Demuxer falwlessly. Took a minute max to Demux by simply 
choosing the MPEG Movie and pressing START. Displays percentage done in 
real time. Then I put the resulting MPEG 1 Layer 2 audio file in 
iTunes, Advanced—>Convert Selection to mp3 and a couple minutes later 
it resulted in a 96 kbps mp3 file in the Library. It's a miracle. This 
list rocks! Where else can you accomplish do it yourself Demuxing when 
you haven't a clue a half hour before you do it!

I love you Filipe! And every body else who's lurking too. Amazing. 
Simply Amazing!

I'm a born again Demuxer!!

the package you have to install prior to running the app is 140K
The app "mpegtxwrap" 1.1 is 356K

Here's the genius who wrote that tiny miraculous piece of code: 
mpegcut at biermann.org

I have to copy him this post. Thank you brilliant MPEG programmer whom 
ever you are.


On Friday, March 7, 2003, at 10:07  PM, Filipe M. wrote:

> On Sábado, Mar 8, 2003, at 05:01 Europe/Lisbon, Thubten Kunga wrote:
>> I'm stumped. I have downloaded a 55.4 MB 5:34 minute Music Video MPEG 
>> movie (i know not what flavor) that plays in QuickTime. But when I 
>> try to use my QuickTime Pro 6.1 to export the audio as an AIFF file, 
>> I get no option to do that. In fact no audio extraction option is 
>> shown. So I downloaded Extractor .95 from the internet and it won't 
>> recognize the MPEG movie as a file it can deal with. I did already 
>> export the original MPEG movie as a QuickTime Movie. But Extractor 
>> doesn't see that file either.
>> I have a Judeth Stern and Robert Lettieri Visual QuickStart Guide to 
>> QT Pro 5 book that says that I am supposed to be able to see audio 
>> export options that don't show up in QTP 6.1. Did Apple remove the 
>> audio extraction options in 6.1 Pro?
>> How do I get the audio out of the MPEG movie and ultimately into an 
>> MP3 file?
>> Thanks in advance for your help whom ever you are.
>> k
> I guess you may have gotten yourself a multiplexed (muxed) file. In 
> Quicktime Pro, press command-J and see what appears in the left 
> pop-up; you should have something like Movie and Muxed Track.
> If so, Quicktime will not demux the audio and video tracks apart.
> Under OS X, 
> http://www.versiontracker.com/moreinfo.fcgi?id=15987&db=mac might do 
> the trick for you...
> Hope I have helped,
> Filipe

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