[MPA] Headphones

Scott Jacob Loehr scott.loehr at verizon.net
Sat Mar 8 21:17:30 PST 2003

	I've had great luck with Yamaha RH-5M headphones.  They're 
not quite as flat and full-range as my AKG 240s, but at $32 each, 
they were an easy choice when I had to add 12 sets to my studio for 
singers & string players.  They've got plenty of output; far more 
than the 'older' AKG and Sennheisers.  I've also seen ads for the 
'new' AKG 240s, which supposedly have a hotter output (yay) and a 
detachable cord (YAY!).  Granted, they're around $95, but way worth 
it for critical stuff.

	I've been lurkily checking out advances in Surround Sound 
Headphones... the more I think about the concept, the more I think 
that that may be the best (or perhaps 'least worst') way to establish 
some sort of reference for surround mixing at the beginning to 
mid-pro level.  Considering the expense in software, hardware, 
monitors, and acoustics, I think that there might be a fairly 
lucrative niche market for some company to come up with a 'standard' 
surround headphone system.  I know the Sony set's out there for about 
$500... does anybody know of any other contenders out there?

Scott Jacob Loehr

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