[MPA] Digital copy of Betacam tape?

Scott Jacob Loehr scott.loehr at verizon.net
Mon Mar 10 08:03:20 PST 2003

>Can someone tell me where I can obtain the following service?  I 
>have a 1" Betacam video tape "master" of a 12 minute video I made in 
>1997.  (I made it on an "Avid.")  Now I would like to re-edit the 
>program using the same audio.  I have all the digital video images, 
>but the audio exists only on the BetaCam tape.
>Service Desired:
>Play my 12 minute Betacam tape (BTC-20MA) and record its audio onto 
>a CD that I can use in Final Cut Pro.
>I'm in St. Louis, and have not "shopped around" here. I'd be happy 
>to ship the tape with my payment.
>-=Grant MacLaren=-

	I called a local post house and the guy wanted me to verify 
that your tape was in fact 1".  He said that the BTC-20MA tapes are 
1/2" Betacam cassettes, and that the 1" is a reel-to-reel format.  If 
it's the 1/2" Betacam, just about any video post house, local TV 
station, and even many Universities will be able to play back your 
tape.  If it's a 1" reel, however, you might have to dig around a 
little more.  I know of a few places here in the Dallas area that 
have 1" machines if you need a price bid.  Also, it might be 
marginally faster & cheaper to have the post house burn you a Mac 
CD-R of the raw SDII or AIFF files, though an Audio CD would be safer 
& more universal in the long run.

Good luck,
Scott Jacob Loehr

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