OT: Peak 3 and Deck 3.5 for sale

Dwayne Bradley dwayne_bradley at mac.com
Tue Mar 25 08:09:14 PST 2003

I have both Peak 3 and Deck 3.5 for sale.  I have come to realize that 
both of these programs are way over my head and it is a shame to just 
let them sit on a shelf and collect dust.  I have gotten permission 
from Bias to transfer the license/ownership of these programs to 
someone else.  As most everyone on this list probably already knows, 
these cost of these two programs are $499 for Peak 3 and $399 for Deck 
3.5.  I still have the original boxes and everything that came with 
these two products and I will be including them in the sale.  If anyone 
is interested in either one or both of these two software packages, 
please contact me off-list to make an offer.


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