[MPA] Mac Setup advice needed to WoW in-laws.

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Mon Nov 3 08:42:30 PST 2003


I've done a similar setup for doing a news segment for a radio program in
KC, KS, and I'm in Miami. Delivered the segment as an MP3, but that will
only work if the station is willing to accept that form of media for
delivery. In the worst case he could burn CD's and mail them in.

The most affordable way to go, I think would be to get a "dual boot" eMac
from Samlldog. It will let you choose OSX or OS 9. Choose 9.

Using OS 9 will allow him to use Digidesign's Pro Tools Free, get a very
good Mic - maybe a small mixing board and away you go.

You will also need iTunes to rip the MP3. His total cost will be for the

In X, there are solutions, but it will tend towards the more expensive.
If he's used to 9, then with regular saves, its a fine option. If he's
enjoying X and won't want to take a step back, it can be done, but I
haven't done the research to find the right solution. I'm guessing the
lower end version of BIAS Deck <http://www.bias-inc.com/products/deck/>.

But I can't say for sure since I haven't used these products. BIAS
products are avail. from the Apple Store, though, and they have versions
that are available for $100 or so.

Good Luck
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