[MPA] Audio/Midi in X-Opcode hardware and more...

Jay Shaffer jshaf at jayshaffer.com
Mon Nov 3 12:04:06 PST 2003

I empathize a bit with your situation. My solution was to sell my 
Opcode interface to a OS 9 user and buy a MOTU interface that was USB 
and OSX friendly. I still have to run my favorite editor (the venerable 
Sound Edit 16) in classic mode.
BTW for those of you who are running OS 9.x Opcode's Studio Vision Pro 
is available as a free download. And it has VST effects and Rewire 
support unlike Pro Tools free. More info at 
Jay Shaffer
Mac Audio Guy
mag at macaudioguy.com

On Monday, November 3, 2003, at 12:16 PM, KathyMac! wrote:

> On Saturday, November 1, 2003, at 06:25 AM, Mac Pro Audio List wrote:
>> Did you load the drivers first from the manufacturer(well it won't be 
>> opcode..since they no longer
>> exist :) )? Then restart with the device plugged in and it should 
>> pick it up in the Audio/Midi
>> utility. If there are no drivers for your device for OSX, the OS 
>> cannot recognize it.
>> Is this opcode device supported somewhere else? or picked up by rogue 
>> developers?
>> Paul
> Well, there it is. The problem I was afraid of. Nope, I did not load 
> any drivers for the Opcode MidiPort 96 because there are none. Just as 
> you said, Opcode is long gone and the "driver" needed to recognize 
> this midi hardware is OMS in System 9. In System X there is no OMS so 
> I guess that's why there will be no recognition of it. Somehow, I 
> thought that Core Audio and OSX Midi had all this stuff "built in" and 
> automatic. I didn't realize you still needed drivers for your 
> hardware. I was under the impression that OSX automatically recognized 
> any midi gear that was hooked up.
> So, that's why I've been pulling my hair out. No driver for my 
> beautiful Opcode midi interface.
> Anyone know of any suggestions other than buying a brand new rack 
> mount 8x8 interface? That's an investment I don't want to make when 
> this one is staring at me in my rack already.
> My current solution?
> I have gotten so fed up trying to make the switch over to X for audio 
> for so many reasons that I finally just decided enough was enough. I 
> had bought a brand new dual processor 1GHZ G4 (that I am writing on at 
> this moment) and retired my BELOVED Beige G3 300mhz MT to another room 
> as a server. I was running Cubase 4.1 (THE most stable Cubase ever) 
> and of course all of my midi hardware on it for 5 years. Never had a 
> CPU problem, never had a speed problem. It was perfect. I was looking 
> forward to producing audio on my new 22" Cinematic Display but all 
> that has changed....
> The G3 is BACK in the studio. The Opcode is running beautifully thru 
> the USB card and OMS in System 9. I took my MOTU PCI 324 card out of 
> the new G4 and put it back home in the G3. I've got my old 20" CRT 
> monitor hooked up and a secondary 17" like the old days. OS 9 is 
> running like a charm and writing, creating, and producing audio is 
> smooth like the old days. Until OSX becomes less of a hassle my studio 
> stays this way.
> Right beside my setup is the big Cinematic Display and G4 running OSX. 
> Why don't I just boot into 9 and use a faster computer? Because that's 
> a hassle too. I love the beauty of OSX and iChat, iPhoto, iDVD, Mail, 
> Address Book, and all the wonderful things I've grown to enjoy. I 
> don't want to reboot each time I choose to do a bit of audio or midi 
> only to have to keep switching when I want to utilize features in OSX.
> So, this has become my official "Video Station" and the G3 sits right 
> next to it as the Audio Station. In X I have no problems with Final 
> Cut Pro or iMovie so I'll use it for what it's good for.
> I've said this before....Apple sometimes steps backwards in their 
> "upgrades". The Beige G3 is a gem and no other computer has been as 
> desirable. It has the AV Personality Card which are the 6 RCA jacks 
> for audio and video AND an S-video jack as well. I don't know why 
> Apple stopped making things that we can all use.
> I'll get off my soapbox now. Thanks for listening. If anyone else is 
> having trouble doing what you do best on your newfangled, fancy 
> schmancy super fast computer than dust off the old workhorse that 
> hopefully you kept around. Life will get sweet again.
> But my question still remains.....any thoughts on where I may be able 
> to find drivers for the Opcode interface just the same? There have to 
> be a fair amount of Opcode interfaces out there that people are using. 
> And SOMEDAY I'd like to be able to use X!!!!!
> Kathy
> MusiCareOnline.org
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