Studio Vision Pro

KathyMac! Mac4Music at
Wed Nov 5 08:59:30 PST 2003

On Wednesday, November 5, 2003, at 07:00 AM, Mac Pro Audio List wrote:

> Kathy
> Thank you for your kind words. You shouldn't need a serial # if you
> downloaded the support files (acadia and fonts) and put them in your
> System folder. Although it's been a while since I actually used the
> program.

Hi Jay,

Yes, someone else sent me the link again and it worked. And you're 
right, I don't need a serial. I put the support files in place (I 
believe) but it only allows me to run midi and not audio. When I 
attempt to set up hardware under DAE it says the file is not I must have something not installed right. Unless it is 
conflicting with my PCI-324 Motu card but I even pulled the extension 
out for that and tried it just under Apple Sound Manager and it still 
gave me the same message.

Any clues?


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