Live Recording

The Sledgehammer sldghamr at
Wed Nov 26 16:23:45 PST 2003

Check out this product. I am currently reviewing one, and it basically has
all the funcitonality of running Coaster on the Mac - including the ability
to split the recording on the fly, seamlessly. Plus records to MP2 and MP3.
Uses Compact Flash. I highly recommend it for anyone doing remote/live
recording. Street price is $700. With this unit and any Mac with FireWire, a
Compact Flash reader (I suggest the Lexar FireWire reader - $60) and a
burner can go from concert hall to CD in 15-30 minutes depending on the
length of the recording. It's the next generation digital recorder in my
opinion. They will be shipping a 1U rack mount version in early '04 for the
same price.


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