[MPA] DVD Audio?

Scott Jacob Loehr scott at folkloehr.com
Sun Feb 1 07:18:56 PST 2004

>I've got the Peachpit Press book on DVDSP2, and was reading in it 
>today, while you have an option in A.Pack to create DVD-Audio, there 
>is no way to actually burn it.  Who knows, maybe they're planning 
>this for V3?  It would be cool if the new version of Jam would add 
>the ability.
>I suppose I should look at it from the standpoint of plain old CD's 
>probably make more sense for what I want to do.
>		Zane

	That's how I feel about my Tascam DA-88/DA-38 decks... for 
all the extra time, moving, and finger-crossing that I go through to 
record 24-bit directly into Digital Performer at various locations, 
the 16-bit backups on my Tascams sure sound good.

	Sounds like with the A.Pack, we're limited to a few options:

1)  send the file to a mastering facility for the last couple of steps;
2)  wait until the affordable hardware/software catches up; or
3)  buy an authoring drive.

What with Apple's acquisition of Emagic and their progress thus far 
with their WaveBurner Pro, I keep hoping that we'll see a really 
killer audio mastering app for audio soon.  Not another low-end 
consumer product, but something that completely raises the bar for 
all audio competitors... kindof like what they did with Final Cut 
Pro, which produced not only a great app for Apple, but made the 
competition get their act together and offer much more for much less 
(from ~$5,000 down to ~$1,000).  Let's see... digidesign's MasterList 
CD is about $500; WaveBurner Pro is about $225; Jam is about $179. 
I'd gladly pay $500 for an app that had the best features of all 
three of these programs that would also open up the door to 
DVD-Audio.  And perhaps even do a SACD to the appropriate writer. 
Stereo waveform editing would be a nice touch to throw in, too!  Let 
us select and define regions from within the mastering program 
itself.  And, of course, VST and AU support.  And the ability to run 
in the background.  High-end media error detection/analysis would be 
an appreciated plus.

	Maybe we could work on a collective wish list of features and 
submit it to the software companies and see who will appreciate our 
future business.

Scott Jacob Loehr

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