JamPack Loops

Amos Jessup amos at san.rr.com
Mon Jan 19 07:55:36 PST 2004

There are 2046 JamPack loops under Apple Loops alone, and the titles are
often ambiguous -- for example, what does "World Muted Guitar" sound like?
There are plenty of acoustic guitar loops, and they can be fit to Irish
themes well enough, I would think.  Also -- if you're el looking for an
obscure chord series for an Irish modal tune -- you can make a new
instrument and record to it, and use it as a loop.


> Is there a list anywhere that shows what kind of loops and instruments are
> offered in the Jam Pack?  After picking up iLife '04 and seeing what
> Garageband is, I wouldn't mind getting the Jam Pack.  I'm looking for loops
> with a folk music feel (especially Irish).
> Zane


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