Soundtracks vs Garage Band

ZEN99 at ZEN99 at
Wed Jan 21 07:51:12 PST 2004

In my expeirience Garage Band is a little 'clunkier' to use, lacking a full 
browser (and it's ergonomically not as 'quick.')  Other than that, these notes 
are right on.  The program's best features should have been combined.

In a message dated 1/21/04 5:43:41 AM, MacProAudio at 

<< 1. Do you want to use a MIDI keyboard or guitar amps? If yes, you need 

Garage Band, because Soundtrack lacks MIDI input and guitar features.

2. Do you want to do video scoring in the same program as you're 

assembling your audio and loops? If yes, you need Soundtrack, because 

Garage Band doesn't support video scoring.

So you COULD wind up wanting both programs. >>

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