[MPA] Audio Interface Advice?

Scott Jacob Loehr scott at folkloehr.com
Fri Jan 23 13:45:44 PST 2004

>  >>Does anyone know what you can connect to the digital ins on the G5???
>>Optical S/PDIF, 16- or 24-bit
>BUT, what is the level of quality?  How does it compare to an 
>offering from someone like Digidesign, M-Audio, or Echo Audio?
>		Zane

There shouldn't be any difference, digital being digital.  For simply 
hooking up a stereo digital source, Apples should be Apples. Pun 
intended!  :)  With external boxes, the A/D and D/A converters and 
the i/o architecture become the comparative issue.
	Mackie has an interesting device coming out... their Onyx 
800R.  I'd REALLY like to know what this one will sell for!  Here's 
the info from their site:



800R Analog Mic Preamp w/192K Digital Output

Looking to add eight premium mic preamps to your computer audio 
setup, hard disk recorder or analog rig? The Onyx 800R is a 
high-performance 8-channel rackmount mic preamp with simultaneous 
analog and 192kHz multi-format digital outputs. Built upon Mackie's 
flagship Onyx preamp circuitry, the 800R delivers boutique mic preamp 
performance with variable mic input impedence controls for "tuning" 
each preamp to its connected mic. This, along with industry-leading 
dynamic range and headroom, make the 800R a superb choice for a range 
of professional studio and live applications.


*	8-channel 1U rackmount mic preamp featuring Mackie's flagship 
Onyx preamps
*	Variable Microphone Input Impedence control allows for 
precise preamp "tuning" to each mic
*	Simultaneous analog and 24-bit/192k digital connectivity via 
AES/EBU, ADAT lightpipe and S/PDIF
*	Front panel Mic/Line switches on every channel
*	2 front-panel Instrument input jacks-no DI needed
*	Individual Low Cut, Phase and Phantom Power control on every channel
*	Premium audiophile-grade components and rugged professional 
build quality

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