[MPA] multi track and noise reduction

Luke Snarl luke at snarl.org
Tue May 11 18:30:53 PDT 2004

thanks to everyone who suggested stuff on this thread - i have 
downloaded Audacity and it looks like it will probably do exactly what 
I want.

And just on the protools thing below - can anyone point me to a link 
where I might be able to download 'protools free' from? for OSX?

thanks list!

On Wednesday, May 12, 2004, at 03:11 AM, Dan Scanlan wrote:

>> Now I do _not_ want to buy a ProTools set up - no, not even an Mbox. 
>> I have a very nice USB audio interface already and do not want 
>> another.
> Get ProTools Free and go in through the built-in sound port. If no 
> sound ports, get a Griffin iMic for USB for $30.
>> Secondly, what can people recommend for basic noise reduction of a 
>> stereo file?
> RayGun.

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