[MPA] MIDI time code?

Gregg Gorrie ggorrie at telus.net
Wed May 12 15:31:06 PDT 2004

on 5/12/04 11:00 AM, keencoyote at earthlink.net at keencoyote at earthlink.net

> I have no experience with MIDI so the question is very basic.
> I want use audio tracks for synchronization of multiple video and audio
> sources in post.
> I have seen a number of audio interfaces which offer MIDI. Can I record a MIDI
> time code through these interfaces?
> Can a MIDI time code be converted to an audio signal for recording on the
> video (DV) cameras?
> - George Lawrence Storm
> - Snohomish (Seattle), Washington

You can get outboard MIDI/SMPTE converters, such as the MIDI Timepiece (Mark
of the Unicorn), etc. which can output and chase SMPTE time code (LTC) and
convert to/from MTC. Others can perhaps chime in with other makes/models.

With respect to your previous question about an audio interface, it seems to
me that the Digidesign ProTools Digi 002 rack might be perfect for your
needs. It has 8 analog inputs, four of those with mic preamps, a Firewire
interface, and it's rack mountable. There is an A/V software option (DV
Toolkit?) which gives you more "time code" functions than the standard PT LE

Potentially you could capture your audio in the field (up to 8 channels),
capture your DV footage into something like FCP or Premiere, import the DV
footage into ProTools to do all your audio post production, then OMF it back
to Final Cut Pro/Premiere and output your completed production back to DV
via Firewire (or you could bounce down your completed audio/video piece to
Quicktime within ProTools).

If you were moving over to a desktop Mac with dual monitors to do your
post-production, you could set up one monitor for ProTools and the other for
DV - very nice indeed!

You might want to check the compatibility of your Powerbook at their site.


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