Looking for recomendations for a PowerBook audio interface.

E. Riley Casey RileyCasey at espsound.com
Thu May 13 08:16:14 PDT 2004

An excellent interface that is now coming into it's own as the 
drivers catch up to the hardware design.  One limitation is that the 
8 channel version does not have the high gain preamps of the two 
channel version.   The built in DSP functions are superb sounding if 
you need that option.


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At 5:36 AM -0700 5/13/04, Mac Pro Audio List wrote:
>From: keencoyote at earthlink.net
>Subject: Looking for recomendations for a PowerBook audio interface.
>I am looking for an audio interface for capture using my PowerBook (17).
>It will be used as my primary audio capture device during video shoots.
>The ability to set it and forget about it during the shoot is important.
>I will be using a variety of microphones and pre-amps.
>I will be recording time-code on one of the channels (as well as on 
>the video) for sync in post.
>I would like at least 4 input channels, 6 would be nice.
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