Gapless CDs

John Davis quicktimeguy at
Sun May 23 19:10:52 PDT 2004

Recently I've been experimenting lately with creating gapless audio CDs, the 
kind where the tracks run together with no pause, like a recording of a live 
show. I was unable to create such a CD using iTunes 2 in OS 9.2.2, nor using 
iTunes 4.2 in OS X.3.2. There are small blips of silence at the start of 
each track, even though zero gap has been selected for the burn. I'm sure 
many of you are familiar with this phenomenon. Interestingly enough, using 
iTunes 1 in OS 9.1, I was able to create a gapless CD, but it messed around 
with the audio a little bit so that adjacent tracks don't quite line up. 
There are also several hundred fewer frames on the burned CD track than in 
the original AIFF file.

What are some experiences of others along this line? Can you make truly 
gapless CDs with iTunes/Disc Burner? Or do you use something else?

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