GarageBand is ok...

John simplymail at
Mon May 31 18:12:50 PDT 2004

Thanks to those who helped me through my minor problems, I got 
GarageBand to do what I needed it to do, although I missed a few 
features PTFree had, namely:

ability to edit the waveform itself (I didn't need it this time, but it 
has helped with some spikes in the past)

edit the waveform directly in the track (as opposed to in the editing 
window at the bottom)

ability to make the waveform TALL - this doesn't effect the function of 
the waveform, but it gives a feeling of control.

ability to adjust the track volume when zoomed in very very close (it 
just doesn't seem to work)

length in beats, etc... I am not a musician, so it would be nice to 
have it in minutes. This is for audio (speech) editing.

One huge file, instead of a folder with the individual files in it. If 
I end up editing a conference, I am going to have to break the talks up 
into small pieces, such that can fit one project on CD (no DVD-R). Does 
an Archive do this?

The exporting of two+ separate tracks in ONE project. Something along 
the lines of a way to mark the timeline to export segments as Track 1, 
Track 2, etc... PTFree would export each "track" on the timeline as 
individual wav files, which was sometimes helpful, often too 

What I did like;

drag and drop to import

export worked without ANY hitches

moving tracks around "looked" nicer


I can import, edit, export, burn efficiently (I can read email while 
some of these tasks, or can check a document in Word that has edits)

NOT slow (PTFree isn't slow, but I was worried that it would be in OSX)

Overall I was pleased with my experience, having actually used the 
software for a *real* project.

Is Soundtrack a bit more complicated (ie, better) than GarageBand? 
Would it address my concerns above?


John Pariseau

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