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on 11/9/04 5:46 PM, LENJOY at aol.com at LENJOY at aol.com wrote:

> Hi,
> I first want to thank everyone who have responded to my emails.  If you have
> not figured out, English is not me first language.  I was a broadcaster on Tv
> in China for 5+ years and produced TV shows.
> I am currently recording an audiobook in Mandarin, the client would like the
> files to be put on between 1-3 disks.  it is a 28  chapter book,
> My question is... are there disks with the capasity to hold this much info.
> If so, where can I get them and what would I ask for?
> Again, I thank you for your help and sorry mY english is poor.
> Wu

If these files are to be put on Red Book audio CD's (ie ones that standard
CD players can play back) then you are limited to 74 minutes per CD.

As another poster suggested, you could convert the files to MP3 format and
you could put 10-15 hours of very good audio quality, but standard Red Book
CD audio players won't play them.

There are more and more CD players (particularly car and Walkman-type units)
coming onto the market that have the capability of playing both regular CDs
and MP3 CDs, and most DVD players can also read both formats, but the vast
majority of CD players currently out there (at least in the North American
market) can only play Red Book audio CDs.

You need to ask your client what their needs are or who their target market

Hope this helps,

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