[MPA] Noise reduction on voice recordings

Jay Shaffer jshaf at jayshaffer.com
Wed Oct 20 06:49:34 PDT 2004

Pretty difficult to diagnose from the information. but are you sure 
that you are actually recording through the interface? I've run into a 
similar situation before. Make sure that interface is selected in both 
the Audio Midi set-up utility and Sound System preferences.
Software wise, you can't go wrong with Audacity. available at ;  
Also take some time and google up some articles on basic audio 
recording available on many web sites, including mine.
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On Oct 20, 2004, at 6:43 AM, LENJOY at aol.com wrote:

> HI,
> I do voiceovers and I have recently changed over to a Mac.  I have a 
> powerbook(G4) and I have tried differnt software programs to record 
> with.  I have have a M-Audio nova microphone and use a M-Audio USA 
> Bus-powered preamp and audio interface, but I still seem to get a lot 
> of background noise.  It sounds similar to using the powerbooks 
> internal mic.
> Does anyone know a good solution for this problem??  I have seen 
> software like Sound Soap, is it necessary??
> Lastly, what software have you found that gives the best quality and 
> ease of use for voice/narration etc.
> Thanks so much for your help =)
> WU
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