[MPA] Griffin iMic: distorted signal?

Joe Castleman gyrofrog at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 4 13:08:40 PDT 2005

Anyone else here use the Griffin iMic?  I had been using one for audio
output on a FireWire Powerbook*.  Recently, the sound quality has gone
way south.  When the sound signal drops below a certain amplitude, it
sounds as though it's being broadcast from a distant radio transmitter.
 I hadn't noticed this before.

I can't remember if I had installed or updated any software between the
last time I used the audio out and the point when I noticed this
happened.  I remember plugging a USB printer into the 2nd USB port
around the same time, though I think the sound quality may have changed
right before that.  Anyway I've unplugged the printer and rebooted the
Powerbook, with the same results.  When I switched the audio out to the
headphone jack, it sounded fine.  (I can't get the iMic to work at all
on my older Wallstreet Powerbook (OS 9), though that's not a good test
because that computer has several problems of its own.)

According to System Profiler, my iMic Product ID is 547 ($223).

Have I blown out my iMic or is there something I can reset to make it
work again?  I've written Griffin in the meantime but figured I'd go
ahead and ask here.

*As for why I'd listen through USB output in the first place, I'd
replace an iMic every once in a while than even attempt to fix the
headphone jack when it finally wears out (already I don't get a "click"
when I insert a headphone plug, etc.).  Headphone jack also picks up a
lot of noise that I don't hear with the iMic.  Maybe an audio I/O
PCMCIA card would accomplish the same thing?

Thanx in advance,

--Joe C.

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