[MPA] Resolved: Griffin iMic

Joe Castleman gyrofrog at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 6 13:15:22 PDT 2005

OK, I heard from Griffin in the meantime, here's what they said in case
anyone else here might need the info:

>Please run Audio MIDI Setup (Applications-->Utilities). Set the
>"Properties For" or "Settings For" are set to either iMic USB Audio
>System or PowerWave Composite. Then set both the input and the output
>to 16bit 2 channel 44100Hz. This should fix the problem you were

I left the input alone.  There were two output settings, one for
"Default" and one for "System."  I only changed the latter.  Anyway it
works fine now.

--Joe C.

Yesterday I wrote:

>Have I blown out my iMic or is there something I can reset to make it
>work again?  I've written Griffin in the meantime but figured I'd go
>ahead and ask here.

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