[MPA] No more PCI slots?

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Tue Mar 22 09:21:18 PST 2005

The PCI version of the Delta 66 does not work in the G5.  M Audio does sell a version that will work in the G5 though.  I believe that a $50 exchange and your card sent back to M Audio is all that it will take.  Check the M Audio web site for details.  
BTW, I also use the Delta 66/Omni combo and I think it is tremendous.  I haven't seen anything else with the versatility that it has.  I am thinking about buying another Omni just to have in case mine blows up.  They don't make the PCI version anymore from I have heard.

>From: Barry Warsaw <mac at wooz.org>
>Date: Tue Mar 22 08:52:11 CST 2005
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>Subject: Re: [MPA] No more PCI slots?

>On Mon, 2005-03-21 at 21:31, Cyril Blanc wrote:
>> What are they going to use ! I have heard of PCI X 2.0
>BTW, does anybody know if the M-Audio Delta 66 PCI card is compatible
>with the new G5's?  I've been seriously thinking about upgrading from my
>dual 1.4 G4 but I'd rather not buy a new audio interface (the Delta 66 +
>Omni I/O works so well!).
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