[MPA] Decent quality condenser mike

Scott Jacob Loehr scott at folkloehr.com
Wed Feb 14 14:37:08 PST 2007

>Are there any condenser mics that would be good for podcasting and
>general audio for say under $250?
>F.C. Farwell

I've had great luck with my 'old' Røde NT-1, 
which was $199 way back in the 90's.  (I mostly 
use it as a hi-hat mic now.)  The new NT-1a is 
even better, for the same price.

For a little more, the Shure KSM32 is a fabulous male vocal mic.

Do you have a preamp and an interface into your 
computer?  If not, the new generation of USB mics 
might be worth a look.

Scott Jacob Loehr

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