[MV] Re: Dual Processors and Voice software

JSenecal at aol.com JSenecal at aol.com
Thu Aug 28 12:15:02 PDT 2003

>I am about to get one of the G4 1.25 ghz Macs. 
>Does the Dual Processor have a significant impact and/or any significant 
>improvement in running Voice Recognition software? Is anyone running the 
>processor model now? How is it going?

I use a dual processor G4 1 ghz Mac with iListen to write programs (and 
have used ViaVoice in the past). I don't know if these programs make use 
of the dual processors, but even with the accuracy set to maximum, 
neither program used all of the computer time.

This is as opposed to my 500 mhz G3 PowerBook, which always maxes out the 
processor when I use dictation software.

My guess is that once you get a fast enough processor to keep up, it 
doesn't make much difference how much more computing power you have. How 
much improvement you see depends on how slow your current machine is.

Joe Senecal

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