[MV] Re: Panther, ViaVoice & iListen

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Sun Nov 16 07:55:46 PST 2003

I appreciate this list, and I'm sure that iListen is doing their best. I am
sorry to hear that iListen customers are still having a tough time with
dictation accuracy, (personally that's what I care about - over commands).
Since ViaVoice is in dire need of an upgrade, simply to keep up with new
operating systems, this means that iListen seems to be our only hope for the
future at this point.

This all sounds like a fairly sad state of affairs for us Mac users. On one
hand, we have some of the greatest computers ever made with the brand new
hippest Panther operating system, and an under-developed speech technology
to go with it, (based on some of the comments here). Personally, speech
technology seems to be one of the most important uses for computer, I use it
every day ... and can¹t believe that the average customer probably doesn¹t
even know it exists, much less require it for daily use. Maybe scansoft
would think twice about doing so little (at least an upgrade or 2) if we
could all yell a little louder, (I'm gonna buy a megaphone...)

My 1 cent... dave

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