[MV] iListen interaction with built-in SR?

JSenecal at aol.com JSenecal at aol.com
Mon Nov 17 23:02:13 PST 2003

>Well, thanks to JSenecal's postings, it looks like iListen is
>the right product for me to write code and LaTeX with.  Since
>iListen allows voice control of the OS X UI, how does it interact
>with OS X's (specifically Panther's) built-in SR?  I'm already
>using it (OS X's SR) a bit, and it's quite useful.

Only one speach recognition application can be active at a time, so to 
use iListen you need to turn Panther's Speech recognition off.

iListen used to support Speakable Items, back when they were 
applescripts. But now the format of Speakable Items has changed, and this 
is no longer posible.

I just took a look at what Speakable Items looks like now, and it's 
impressive! Especially nice is the ability pop down menues and select 
menu items by voice. While I hope that iListen adds this feature now that 
is posible in Panther, for now you would need to give it up.

However, iListen is capable of controlling your Mac, just not so 
convienently. You'll need a macro for each command you want to give. You 
can either write those yourself as I did, or buy scriptpacks for the 
applications you use most, or both.

It should also be posible to write applescripts to change back and forth 
between speakable items and iListen. I used to do this with 
PowerSecretary and Speakable items many years ago.

Joe Senecal

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