ViaVoice - Updating to version 3.02

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Mon Apr 12 08:14:45 PDT 2004

 Recently, I have reinstalled ViaVoice several times along with new systems
Panther 10.3.2

For the veterans out there, you'll remember that the basic install of
ViaVoice 3.0 used to have a problem with early OSX Systems -  where there
was some static garbage noise on the audio file...  The ViaVoice update
3.02 -  supposedly cured that.  Upon  a bit of research I believe the that
the update actually changed the audio from 22.x bit audio to 44.1 audio -
to cure this problem -  doubling the file size.

Recently, I have noticed that ViaVoice 3.0 does not seem to have any
objectionable audio garbage noise - when you test with audio playback.
Since the file sizes are half size of the updated 44.1 audio version -  I
guess so much rather have the smaller file sizes instead.

Is there any other reason anybody can think of to update ViaVoice to version

Thanks - RevDave
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