[MV] Re: ViaVoice - Updating to version 3.02

Jon Straalsund jon.straalsund at att.net
Fri Apr 23 14:17:32 PDT 2004


     Re: objectionable audio garbage noise - what I recall.

     I thought that there was an explanation way back in 2003, on this 
list, that indicated that the problem with noise was not really a 
problem with ViaVioce but in fact a problem with Apple's code for 
moving audio information over USB.  Before that was fixed, ViaVoice did 
publish an update that changed the sampling rate.  Since the real root 
cause was fixed by Apple, with 10.2.(?2+?) it would seem that the patch 
your referring to would not be needed, at least to fix the "audio 
garbage noise".

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On Apr 21, 2004, at 1:58 PM, Frank Flynn wrote:

Well if you really want small, don't save the audio information at all
(that's an option).  Or only save the audio for works in progress.

Good luck,

On 4/21/04 1:14 PM, "Domains4Days" <Lists at domains4days.com> wrote:
> On 4/12/04 8:14 AM, "Domains4Days" <Lists at domains4days.com> wrote:
>> Recently, I have noticed that ViaVoice 3.0 does not seem to have any
>> objectionable audio garbage noise - when you test with audio playback.
>> Since the file sizes are half size of the updated 44.1 audio version 
>> -  I
>> guess so much rather have the smaller file sizes instead.
>> Is there any other reason anybody can think of to update ViaVoice to 
>> version
>> 3.02?
> Any ideas would be appreciated...
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