[MV] IBM ViaVoice 3 and 10.4.7

Jonathan Levi, M.D. drjlevi at netonecom.net
Fri Sep 1 11:57:13 PDT 2006

At 8:18 PM -0500 8/31/06, Paul Spilseth wrote:
>ViaVoice works fine with 10.4.7 but I also get the message, ""The 
>Microphone is Being Used Exclusively By Another Application".  I 
>discovered this happens when I try to turn on the microphone too 
>soon after bringing it up the application.  If I wait and turn on 
>the microphone after the speech pad is completely open, I do not get 
>this message
>Paul Spilseth, MD

You're too kind to ViaVoice re its grammar -- it really does say, 
"The Microphone Is Been used..." Nevertheless, I appreciate your 
comment, as well as revDave's re the F8 key.

(The F8 key does work, to some extent: It recovers from "The 
Microphone Is Been Used", but the red, yellow & green buttons on the 
VoiceCenter icon don't activate, so there's no easy way to quit 

>On Aug 30, 2006, at 11:16 AM, Jonathan Levi, M.D. wrote:
>>But first: Can you still use "backspace" and "pick 1" in your 
>>current 10.4.6 setup?

Amazing -- they're now working again! Seems to be related to the 
order of my user commands: if I start SpeakPad, then say, "What Can I 
Say", the resulting "What Can I Say" window contains the full suite 
of SpeakPad commands, including "backspace", "pick 1", "uppercase 
this", etc.  However, at other times, the window either doesn't 
contain the "SpeakPad" suite of commands at all, or sometimes only a 
partial suite, with only the "Menu  Commands" subheading present, and 
all the rest missing.  It seems as though my only recourse at that 
point may be to quit SpeakPad, VoiceCenter, etc. and restart.

Regardless, I'm overjoyed to have my full suite of commands back. 
Thank you all very much for your help,


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