[PB] first crash on new PB

Jim Freeman jpfreeman at mac.com
Fri Nov 5 06:31:26 PST 2004

My 12" PB G4 1.33 Ghz is only about a month old and I already had my 
first crash. I wasn't doing anything in particular. I had the usual 
assortment of apps open: word, excel, mail, safari, ical. The computer 
hadn't been restarted in a while. I had recently printed from Word, but 
the computer was basically inactive on my desk. I was away from my desk 
for maybe 10 min and when I came back I had that multilingual message 
telling me to force restart.

Other background. The computer came with the standard 256 ram and I 
added a 512 chip from OWC when I first got the computer.

I used the built in migration program to migrate my settings, programs, 
files from my old Pismo. There had been a couple of crashes on the 
Pismo, which I resolved by replacing a RAM module and sending the HD 
back to the manufacturer for warranty repair. I didn't have any further 
crashes on the Pismo after these repairs.

I know people are going to jump on the "third party ram" issue, but 
it's only one crash in a month so how can I possibly test the ram? If 
the crash were regular i could take it out and see if it stops, put it 
back in and see if the crash returns. But for all I know this was a 
one-time crash and it will never happen again. Is that possible? What 
else could have caused this?

One interesting thing: the next time I launched Excell it opened the 
three documents I had been working on before the crash without me 
asking it to. That's a new one for me. Word didn't do that. What's 
going on there?



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