[PB] loose pismo hinges

Geoffrey Loeffler geoffrey at alaska.net
Sun Nov 14 04:09:33 PST 2004

The hinges on my pismo have gone south. They had about an inch of play 
for a long time and then boom they just let go. I really try to be easy 
but it does have some miles on it and was my daughters screen which I 
swapped out to give her the new screen I had replaced a year ago.

I have seen the CD that shows the take apart of the whole machine. I 
was wondering if anyone had done the replacement on these hinges and 
does it really involve taking the whole screen out and about 40 others 
steps or are there easier courses then outlined in the Apple Tech 
Manual take apart section. If you have done it, would sure appreciate 
any work around.

Thanks Geoff

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