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Fri Jul 1 13:03:57 PDT 2005


Here is more stuff to throw in the OS pot
How about W.I.N.E and Crossover on OSX :-)

W.I.N.E is sure thing as to if, if not to when.
However Codeweavers are being VERY upfront about Crossover running on 
Macintel OSX
As to how cool or not this is, for developers/users/apple/the world in 
general who knows...
and how it will add to those irritating OS and programming niggles 
could be beyond the dreams of analysts :-)
What ever the case having windoze programs running natively within OSX 
(and no M$ in sight) is not a dream anymore.
It will be here when Macintel box's hit the stores and possibly before.

Here is to variety, it is the spice of life, just don't choke on it :-)


  and On 1 Jul 2005, at 02:32, benaccetto at mac.com wrote:

> Just to be nitpicky ... this is not an OS issue, it is a programming 
> issue. There are times when programmers take shortcuts or do not 
> follow the guidelines that OS manufacturers suggest. That is when 
> things like non-resizable windows occur.
> There is very little that you can do other than complain to each 
> company (or programmer) who breaks these rules, or simply not purchase 
> their software.
> On Jun 29, 2005, at 6:47 AM, Scott Warren wrote:
>> 1 thing I have always found annoying about every OS (windoze, Gui 
>> *nix, even our beloved OS X) I have encountered is there are still 
>> some programs that have windows that you can not resize.
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