[PB] Vertical Stripes on Screen

Vard Nelson vnelson at detectgeo.com
Sun Jul 24 07:11:44 PDT 2005

I have a similar (I think) problem with my powerbook.  The problem can be a 
connector that supplies the screen with signal.  Apparently it wants to come 
loose on some models.  The guys at Small Dog http://www.smalldog.com walked 
me through a repair, which involves taking off the back cover and just 
plugging the (small) plug back in.  I'm not an expert - your issue sounds 
like mine, however.  The fix is easy, if that is your problem, but be 
careful when you go unscrewing stuff and taking it apart.

> Vertical Stripes on Screen--I am having a problem with my TiBook G4 400mhz
> 15" Powerbook.  Vertical stripes obscure the screen pretty regularly now.
> Any ideas?
> Yours,
> Run
> (206) 760-0462

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