[PB] iTunes Hiccup on 15"800 DVI

Francois Barbary franc-b at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 28 11:31:28 PDT 2007

Hey Everyone. 
looks like this is a quiet list, I also subscribe to the Cube Mailing List, 
and that list is always buzzing. but now-adays it's mostly upgrade 
talk and off topic disscussion but always interesting. check it out !

My question is related to a Powerbook G4 800 DVI 15" that i just 
picked off ebay... everything is running great on her, except that 
when in battery mode, it seems that iTunes hiccups when ever i start 
doing something such as scroll a PDF, or shuffle widows around or 
save a document. I'm guessing it might have an issue with the HD 
falling asleap but  not sure because i can't hear it falling asleap, it's a 
upgraded HD, 80 GB FUJITSU MHT2080AT. Got any ideas? it's super 


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