[PB] case screw stuck in DVI holder, solutions?

MiB digital.discuss at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 06:07:07 PST 2011

I was way too tired when I accidently put a  3 mm Phillips case screw  
into the wrong screwhole, the DVI display connector in a 1,67Mhz Alu.
The hole to the left in this pic: <http://img.skitch.com/20080324-pscp8xsqrmqcp5ba88r61g6iaq.jpg 
This issue is even mentioned in the Apple repair manual, which I have,  
but I read the iFixit manual instead – duh!

I summarized best available solutions like superglue on a  
screwdriverhead – although I have bad experience with superglue  
actually holding up –  and take out the logic board and I wil try the  
first one. But I thought I might ask if you guys would offer your  
thoughts on the problem.


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