Can't get rid of Character Palette

Wesley Griffin wgriffin at
Tue Dec 2 07:25:54 PST 2003

So I was playing with keyboard shortcuts and applications and assigned 
one to Character Palette in Finder (under the Edit menu). Well now I 
can't get rid of the palette (which wouldn't bother me too much) except 
that the stinking thing is set to stay above *all* windows. I loaded up 
System Preferences to remove the shortcut, thinking that might be a 
problem and found that the shortcuts were no longer listed (but they 
still appeared on the menu). So I trashed the Finder preferences 
( but that didn't help either. Every time I 
sleep the machine and bring it awake, the Character Palette shows up. 
Every time I log out, it shows up. Every time I log in, it shows up. I 
checked a second user account and it doesn't happen. Apparently Apple 
doesn't want you to close the thing once you've decided to open it :)

Anybody have any ideas on what might be going on? I would much prefer 
to repair this account than have to start from scratch with a new 

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