[Ti] Messages stuck in Mail.app OUTbox - no delivery

John Griffin jwegriffin at mac.com
Fri Dec 5 07:22:41 PST 2003

Per Brodersen typed this message on 12/5/03 3:37 AM:

> Frankly speaking, I have run into exactly the same problem with *MS
> Entourage* (how do you pronounced it, BTW?).

Merriam Webster has it: [en·tou·rag·es] but that is ridiculous. Any French
person would be outraged! It should be: on.tour.oge with the 'g' having a
soft 'gsh' sound.

The Outbox messages should be sent automatically when you hit the "Send and
Receive" button or type Command/K. If they aren't being sent, the outgoing
mail server address must be typed in wrong in your Account settings.


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