[Ti] Extra Storage

David DelMonte ddelmonte at mac.com
Sun Dec 7 06:46:25 PST 2003

Thanks for answering. I have a 60GB drive in my 17" PB. I need more 
storage - essentially for travel.

I have a 200GB LaCie but that's way too heavy for transport, so I'm 
really looking for something external that's solid and fast.

Has anyone experience with the large-capacity pocket drives or the 
firelite drives from SmartDisk?

Thanks again.

On Dec 7, 2003, at 9:32 AM, gkar at mac wrote:

> On 12/7/03 7:41 AM, "David DelMonte" <ddelmonte at mac.com> wrote:
>> Can anyone recommend a high-capacity portable storage device. I was
>> thinking along the lines of a LaCie Pocket Drive.
> How do you intend to use this drive? If you are looking for a drive to
> travel with the Pocket Drive is a good choice; but if you mostly need a
> drive for conveniently backing up data there are less expensive 
> choices. I
> have a 40 gig Pocket Drive at work that contains a cloned drive for my 
> lab
> and it performs that job quite well.
> Note: traveling with a hard drive, even the fairly small and light 
> Pocket
> Drive, can be a pain. But once you begin using it, traveling without 
> it can
> be just as painful. In the long run you might be better off getting 
> your
> internal drive replaced with a larger one.

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