[Ti] hp 940c printing problem

Lisbeth Zachs zachs at swedenmail.com
Fri Dec 12 02:00:58 PST 2003

2003-12-08 kl. 15.08 skrev bofus?:

>  it's the driver that installed w/a clean install of panther. (hp 
> plug-in v2.3.1, hp print selector + hp inkjet toolbox v6.2.4)
Test to download the full package of the drive for HP 940c from HP:s 
sight after you have removed absolutely everything HP in your present 
setting. I don't know why HP:s drivers for AllinOne-printers are so 
stupid that they can't replace whats need to be replaced when you 
install a newer drive. If you use the uninstall function it still 
leaves stuff it can't uninstall so you will have to remove stuff 

I have had to do this action for a couple of customers before we could 
get the printers working correctly in OS 10.2.8. They haven't upgraded 
to 10.3 yet though.

My own HP AIO G55 is working reasonably well with the driver 4.7.5  
from OS 10.2.6 so I'm reluctant to "upset the cart" with installing the 
new suggested 4.7.6 considering the usual hasard with the uninstall 

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