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Glenn L. Austin glenn at austin-home.com
Sun Dec 14 12:55:26 PST 2003

on 12/14/03 11:15 AM, Matthew Fosberg at mattman at gci.net wrote:

> Richie-
> I had similar problems with my Linksys using iChatAV, and I found that
> I had to use a different router. I don't know how the Netgear works,
> but my MacSense router allowed me to open up a range of ports that was
> not specific to one IP address on my network(i.e. not just port
> forwarding). You could try putting the machine with the iSight on the
> DMZ, essentially bypassing the firewall and see if that works.

Linksys routers have the ability to provide port triggering, which permit me
to use iChatAV from behind one router to behind another.

It is in the Advanced area, under Port Forwarding.  Click on the Port
Trigger button, and add the necessary mappings.  The mappings that I have

Application Name    Trigger Port Range   Incoming Port Range
----------------    ------------------   -------------------
DirectX-7               47624-47624         47624-47624
DirectX-8                6073-6073           6073-6073
DirectX-7-8              2300-2400           2300-2400
RTSP                      554-554            6970-7170
iChat AV                 5060-5060          16384-16403

This gives me working DirectX connections (for PC games), RTSP for QuickTime
Streaming, and iChat AV.

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