Panther compatible scanners

bofus? bofus at
Mon Dec 15 15:07:21 PST 2003


	I use the hp scanjet 3500c w/v5.5.6 software 
( and it works great w/panther. the 
scanner is econo and pretty small too.

			on bass, watt

>Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2003 10:38:06 -0600
>Subject: [Ti] Panther compatible scanners
>From: "Murray E. Milligan" <railfan1 at>
>Message-Id: <0F93595A-2F1D-11D8-91D0-000393A6F326 at>
>Will someone please provide me with a recommended scanner that is OS X 
>Panther compatible. My Agfa Snapscan snapped out of existence and I'd 
>like to buy a smaller sized, Canon or HP. Any suggestions are greatly 

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