[Ti] 10.3.2 update

Steve Sobek ssobek at stevesobek.net
Tue Dec 23 07:57:04 PST 2003

Someone yell if I'm wrong, but isn't the prebinding update being done 
when the update installer says: "optimizing"? Repair permissions, of 
course, but it's my understanding that the prebinding is already done 
any time you install an update -- and Panther actually updates 
prebinding on the fly as you use it, as well.

On Dec 23, 2003, at 10:52 AM, John Griffin wrote:

> Make sure you repair permissions and prebinding after the upgrade. To 
> make
> matters simpler, download Cocktail 3.3 and have it do the do all the 
> tasks
> built into the "Pilot" function. I always find my computer runs a bit 
> faster
> after I do this. Also having DiskWarrior rebuild the Directories seems 
> to
> put a bit of zip into things as well.
> jg

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