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>Hi all,
>Beginning of Februari, I plan to buy myself a dvd burner. One of my 
>options is to replace my combo-drive in my trusty TiBook 667 with a 
>superdrive. Can this be done? What type of drive should I aim for? Can 
>I do this myself? I do have a screwdriver and I'm not afraid to use it.
>Another option is to have an external dvd-burner via usb2 or firewire. 
>Is this a good alternative? Can I use iDVD for it or do I need to buy 
>some dvd-authoring software and if so, what should I get?
>The last option I have is to buy dvd-burner that fits in my W98 
>machine, please do not let me go there ;-)

Well, putting a DVD burner in your pc should be easy - it is not
difficult installing in a drive bay if your pc is a desktop computer.

I've installed stuff to all my Macs without any problems. The smallness
and compactness of the PowerBook is different but doable so far. I've
only installed RAM and an Airport card in my 867 Ti. Apple should have
user-installable parts instructions for your specific PowerBook on their
support site. I'd look over the instructions to decide whether you feel
comfortable installing a superdrive yourself. When I've looked, the
instructions applied to the hard drive but not the combo/superdrive
though there might be instructions from a user who has replaced the combo
elsewhere. If you still have AppleCare, it may void your warranty to do
so when Apple doesn't see it as something a consumer should dare replace.

I was planning to replace my combo until we got a new pc at home. Now I
have to get an external one so I don't have to buy two DVD burners. There
are benefits to an external DVD burner like still having access to your
CD player and being able to use it on different computers at different
locations. If your pc has Firewire or an open slot to install a firewire
card, you can save yourself some money by purchasing just one burner. I
wouldn't think it would be difficult to find a DVD burner that is
compatible with Mac and PC since FireWire has been available for both
platforms for quite some time. I'd definitely buy Toast for your Mac if
you don't already have it.
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