[Ti] Disk Copy helper unexpectedly terminated

John Griffin jwegriffin at mac.com
Wed Dec 24 07:41:06 PST 2003

Dr. Trevor J. Hutley typed this message on 03/12/24 07:10:

> I have reported these new and unexplained M$T Office errors:
> Compile Error in Hidden Module: UTILS
> Now I see another kind of error, in a utility:
> When trying to mount and install a .dmg, using Disk Copy (v 10.2),
> the process starts, the install routines comences, the checksum is
> verified, and then:
> Disk Copy helper unexpectedly terminated
> This of course is just information.  I have no idea where the Helper
> is nor why it decided to terminate my installation process.
> It happened the other day, and it just happened again, with
> Nikotel4MacV193.dmg
> This error completely prevents the installation process, UNLESS one
> of you knows any workaround for installing a .dmg, without invoking
> this Helper....
> I had been hoping to make some calls over Christmas using VOIP
> technology on the Mac, but I seem thwarted at the outset !
> regards,  Trevor

Trevor there is a UNIX executable file called diskimages-helper. It is in

That could be corrupted and causing problems. My advice: Reinstall the
10.3.2 updater.


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