[Ti] more on Word v.X under Panther on a G4 Powerbook

Dr. Trevor J. Hutley hutley at geneva-link.ch
Wed Dec 24 14:18:56 PST 2003

At 15:28 -0500 22/12/03, RogueWriter wrote:
>Just as a suggestion, check the file size of Word's Normal document 
>template.  It should be 28k unmodified.  You might have a macro 
>virus that's messing things up which would increase the size of the 
>Normal template.  I had one about a month ago that caused some 
>seriously strange behavior.  Not the same as what you're reporting, 
>but you never know.  If it is a problem with your Normal template, 
>just delete it.  Word will create a new one the next time it's 

Erick - you are spot on with this suggestion.  I had in fact noticed 
that some dialogue about the Normal Template kept occurring during 
various operations and activities.

I just checked the size of the Normal Template and it is 1.3 Mb !!
Maybe that explains why Word seemed to ultra-lethargic in opening documents.
What has made it expand 40X ?

I had not fitted all this evidence together.

How did YOU detect that this was the possible source of such problems??

I have up to date Virex running on my Powerbook, and it has never 
detected any virus activity.
I will run it overnight and see whether there is anything.

I will report back when I have more data.

Many thanks for your help.

regards,  Trevor

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