[Ti] Trackpad issues, random movements/clicking

Dr. Trevor J. Hutley hutley at geneva-link.ch
Fri Dec 26 12:07:47 PST 2003

At 09:38 -0600 26/12/03, Steve Martin wrote:
>I'm having strange trackpad behavior.  Basically 
>sometimes, the mouse gets really jumpy, and also 
>randomly clicks/holds the mouse.  Trackpad 
>clicking, etc. is off.  When I try to use it 
>when it is behaving this way, I keep having 
>Exposé and Screen savers activate, or things 
>magically get dragged out of my dock.
>I seem to have isolated it to only occurring 
>when the finder is copying to firewire drives 
>although CD/DVD drive use may also cause it. 
>Almost seems like it might be power related?

Steve - from what you describe, it sounds to me 
like all the CPU power is being used up in other 
intensive tasks, and so moving the cursor round 
becomes a task that gets the remnant of CPU power.
This would make it jumpy.  It would be this, if 
your configuration was low on memory and CPU 

If you start up your 'book and have almost no 
active tasks, and your cursor/trackpad is still 
acting like this, then it is something else.

A few experiments should identify the specific 
nature of the problem, and then you are hal;f way 
to getting a solution or explanation.

regards,  Trevor

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