[Ti] line in

Norm Birtwistle nfb at iaw.com
Sun Dec 28 11:41:09 PST 2003

Hello Eric,

Well, the Ti was the first Apple computer to not accept their previously 
standard extended plug. That's the reason I went the USB route and 
purchased a Telex M - 560 desktop microphone. By the way, it's 
absolutely unbelievable. Also, this microphone shows up separately as a 
USB mic in the "input" sound control preference panel. I hope this helps 
a little.


Eric Forat wrote:

> I've been trying to connect a headset and mike to my Ti and the mike 
> doesn't work. And I tested it with three mikes and nothing. I did 
> select sys prefs/ sound/ input/ line in, but nothing happens. The 
> built-in is fine, but I need a unidirectional mike close to my mouth 
> so I don't have to shout. Is that micro-jack in the back, between the 
> phone jack and the video out, really  a line in ?  Or must I go to a 
> USB  model? Any ideas?
> Best, eric

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