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Dennis Fazio dfz at mac.com
Sun Dec 28 13:34:31 PST 2003

--On Sunday, December 28, 2003 04:16 PM -0300 Eric Forat <forat at uol.com.br> wrote:

> I've been trying to connect a headset and mike to my Ti and the mike doesn't work.

I think that only the PowerBook G4 DVI (667/800MHz) and maybe the 1GHz model has an audio input jack. All the other TiBooks only have a headphone out, no audio in.

If that is the model you have, it should work if it hasn't . If not, you need a USB microphone or a Griffin iMic. Perhaps your microphones don't have enough signal power for the port; you may need a preamp. Try connecting the output of a portable CD player or the line out jacks of your stereo amp and see if you get a signal from those.

Dennis Fazio
dfz at mac.com

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