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>I haven't had any problems since, except when I installed OS 10.2.6 and 
>got some bum advice from an Apple techie (also, HP's driver doesn't work 
>as well as an earlier version worked on 10.1.5).

cbirds asks:

"What was the 'bum' advice when you did 10.2.6? I'm fixing to install both 
systems on the Ti, with OS 10.2.6 on one partition. I'm starting with a 
clean slate, OS 9.2.1 and OS 10.2 with the combo updaters to get up to 
10.2.6 and wonder if I have to update firmware first?
Any info/procedural directions would be appreciated.
If figure if I mess it up I can always erase."

As mentioned previously, I was having problems with QuickTime vis-avis 10.1.5; and an Apple techie, who seemed to be unfamiliar with 10.1.5, advised me to install Jaguar as a way to remedy the problems.  He walked me through the installation, and told me to "archive" the software (e.g., to save bookmarks); whereas, another Apple techie later told me that I had been given bum advice, and that I should have clicked on "upgrade" instead.  As a result, I lost all of my bookmarks.

When I was having problems printing on an H-P LaserJet 2100TN, still another Apple techie walked me through getting the latest driver from H-P.  It is installed now, and there are still printing problems that need to be remedied.  I assume that H-P's latest driver may not be totally compatible with 10.2.6.

I hope this helps.

Also, Murray Kastner writes:

"I am stymied. Since first using Safari, I have not been able to save web
pages with the pictures intact, at least not most of the time. I have
searched the Apple forums and have got as far as seeing that others have
experienced the same thing - the 'best' suggestion was to take a series 
of screen shots...  I wonder if anyone else might have come across this?"

While not addressing your issue per se, I have had problems dowloading photos using Safari, and have reported it to Apple.  If I want to download them, I simply switch to MS IE 5.2 and there are no problems.  In lots of areas, it seems that the "bugs" have not been worked out of Safari.  Thus, when problems crop up, I simply go to the top of the screen under "Safari," and scroll down to "Report Bugs to Apple," and do so.  Hopefully with the next release, many of these problems will be remedied.

Finally, John Griffin writes:

"I found out early on that there are some pages that Safari will not save in
any format whatsoever. I tried to save several pages of bank transactions
that were mostly text, then logged out. When I went to view the pages, there
was nothing there; no text, no graphics, nothing!

"I have come to the conclusion that I can never use Safari for anything other
than view pages on the web - lightweight stuff. To do anything more serious
such as financial transactions I have to use IE. There seems to be no other
choice - especially if you need a proper record to save for you files."

Regrettably John may be correct.  Thus, hopefully Apple has "fixes" before MS "bails" on Apple users of its IE.

Tim Naegele



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