[Ti] Virtual PC 6.0 on BigAl

Pedro Vera pedro at veraperez.com
Thu Jul 17 12:42:59 PDT 2003

I am using VPC 6 on a Ti 867 with 1GB ram. I use it with Windows 2000 Professional and it is set 
to use 256MB ram. It works no different than the last Windows 2000 Pro workstation I had at my 
previous job, and that one was a Dell P3-1GHZ/512MB ram. I use mine for managing MS SQL 
Servers exclusively, so the only heavy work it does is when I am doing bulk imports into a SQL 
Server from the laptop. I tried it with VPC and XP Pro and it was terrible.


Pedro Vera
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> >Greetings All,
> >
> >Apologies for I'm certain this has been addressed already, but I'm 
> >considering VPC 6 for BigAll (1Gig RAM).
> >Has anyone purchased, installed and used this product recently on 
> >BigAl and if so, what grade would you give its performance? My last 
> >exposure to VPC was way back in v2 under OS9 (300MHz G3) and 
> >performance was dreadful. Realizing this is not geared toward 
> >high-end performance but some base level of functionality, is it 
> >"usably fast" for simple chores like Office work, or web surfing, or 
> >the occasional 3D model translation under something like Deep 
> >Exploration? any real 3D/graphics work is of course done in native 
> >OSX or Intel env.
> >
> >As I understand it, there are no upgrades from v2 to v6, but they 
> >recommend purchasing VPC6/DOS and using your own license of XP or 
> >what have you, providing a more reasonable path.
> >
> >Any feedback is welcomed. Will probably purchase but am trying to 
> >keep expectations low ;-).
> >
> >Best Regards,
> >
> >John B. Crane
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